Like the other vineyards where our grapes are grown, Bussia is a family-owned vineyard. Located in Monforte d’Alba, this is where the Barolo that bears our name is born.

The Barolo valley is made up of calcareous clayey soil and our Bussia vineyard can also rely on this soil composition. The sandy marls that characterise the area convey an extra touch of elegance to the wines made here. The exposure is easterly to westerly, with slopes that benefit from a microclimate that is particularly favourable for the growth of plants and grapes.

The age of the vines is variable: some of them are almost fifty years old, while others are younger, having just celebrated their tenth birthday.

The Bussia vineyard covers an area of about one and a half hectares. As you cast your eye across the hill, you’ll see that the rows of vines are interrupted by the presence of a small wooden hut (one of our “ciabots”) and also by a cherry tree, with a view to preserving biodiversity and having a place to rest in the shade on hot summer days, as well as adding a touch of beauty to the overall picture.