Our family has lived in La Morra for generations. We have grown among the hills, as people and as winemakers, learning the secrets and virtues of the Langhe, day by day.

It all began with a sharecropper who left La Morra to work for a farm in Strada Ballerini, near Alba. When he returned to La Morra, everyone started calling him “the guy from Ballarin”, giving a Piedmontese twist to “Ballerini”. That nickname became part of our everyday life and is now the name and symbol of our winery: Ballarin means Dancer in italian.

Everyone in the family works for the winery to some extent: some in the vineyards, some in the cellar and some in the hospitality business. From the first bottles made for the family to drink, to the journeys made across the ocean by our wines today (and who would have believed it possible forty years ago, when we didn’t even have central heating at home?), Cascina Ballarin continues to be our family’s pride and joy.