Cascina Ballarin’s wine of has always been made according to a precise philosophy: it has to be so good that after one glass, youìll want another. Balanced and honest, never altered. A fine wine to drink.

Cascina Ballarin has been making wine for many years. We used to make it just for ourselves, for drinking at home, the way more or less everyone in the Langhe used to do. It was in the Sixties that we began labelling our wines. Whether it’s to enjoy a glass with your family or satisfy a wine lover on the other side of the world, Cascina Ballarin’s philosophy never changes.

Our wine has to be good. People have to like it, in keeping with our taste preferences, it has to be filled with a harmony of sensations that align sweetness, elegance and drinkability.

And there are slight hints of wood too, which are fine as long as they aren’t overpowering. It takes balance, every note in just the right place, occupying just the right space, perfectly in tune with the others. And this brings us back to Ballarin, from Ballerino, or ballerina. Every dancer has their own space on the stage, and every melody suggests their movements. As they dance in time to the music, they transmit a sense of beauty to those who are watching. But everything has to be perfectly in place, everything has to be harmonious.

Over the years we have opened the doors of our cellar to many winelovers and we have also been inspired by them. Thanks to conversations over a chopping board laden with locally-made salami and cheeses, sipping one of our wines, we have been able to experiment with tiny changes from vintage to vintage, to satisfy the demands and tastes of those who have come to visit us. And those who return, year after year, are the litmus test that we use to determine whether we are heading in the right direction.

How does Cascina Ballarin see wine? As one of life’s great pleasures. It has to good. Made attentively, with respect and passion.